My New Website


Welcome to my website, version 3.0! I finally got around to getting rid of my old, horribly out-of-date website. I have been planning on doing this for a while, but I wanted to be able to take the time to really think about what I wanted instead of just slopping something up on the Internet.

It’s really common these days for personal websites to consist of a number of pages in addition to a blog, but I decided I would rather stick with my roots and build a good, old-fashioned WordPress blog. This has a number of benefits for me. First, it would inevitably have taken months longer for me to launch this site if I had to write a ton of content for it. Second, this should be very simple for me to keep up to date — my portfolio will always show my newest work first and if I ever find that my old work is an embarrassment, it’s simple to remove a post. Third, I hope this encourages me to actually write about the things I care about instead of trying to squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters.

When I design for clients, I always ask myself: “does this choice reflect the values/branding of the client?” Although a design choice might be a good one, sometimes it’s not the right one for a particular client. Oddly, I found it much harder to answer this question when the client was, in fact, myself. It turned into “does this choice reflect my personality?” and sometimes I just didn’t know. I wanted this site to be colorful without being loud and simple without being minimalist.

I finally settled on Futura for its simple, clean, and geometric nature and FF Tisa Pro for its legibility, unique details, and modern flair. The colors I chose are bold, but never overwhelming. I tried to maintain an association between the categories and their colors throughout site to keep things interesting without losing a sense of cohesiveness. Also, I developed this site so it renders responsively for maximum readability. Overall, I’m very proud of the way it turned out!

I plan on doing a few follow-up posts in the near future on some technical details of this site, so check back soon if you like that kind of nerdy stuff!